Hardware virtualisation uses software to create a Virtual Machine (VM) that emulates a physical computer.

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This creates a separate OS environment that is logically isolated from the host server. By providing multiple VMs at once, this approach allows several operating systems to run simultaneously on a single physical machine. Rather than paying for many under-utilised server machines, each dedicated to a specific workload; server virtualisation allows those workloads to be consolidated onto a smaller number of more fully-used machines.


  • Consolidates multiple, under-utilised physical servers on a single host by running Virtual Machines;
  • Reduces workforce/space/kilowatt by leveraging virtualisation for server consolidation and agility;
  • Helps to save money because of less management, less space, less cooling and less kilowatt hours are needed;
  • Therefore the operational cost of managing your servers will be significantly lowered.

Meridian IT Singapore offers a range of server virtualisation products such as VMware, Sun and Oracle.